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Excellence In Industry

Apex is a leader in the food broker industry with core representation in Produce, Grocery, Frozen, Meat, Seafood, Deli and Bulk.  Over the past 30 plus years we have been dedicated to empowering our Partners with a new vision of growth, commanding presence in our markets, and delivering product successes.

Our Expertise

Categories We Conquer

We represent a broad spectrum of manufacturers in several arenas throughout the grocery store. Our expertise include Produce, Meat & Deli, Grocery, Frozen and Bulk foods. We leverage our relationships to grow your brands in one or many categories across the store. These are a few of the Brands Apex represents.

Innovative grocery solutions

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What We Do

Apex provides continuous excellence in client relations and performance. We deliver up to date sales data, offer a premier full customer service staff, and combine an experienced sales force at Headquarter and Store level with our retail merchandising team.

Our Mission

In 1991, Apex Sales and Marketing commenced with a vision of being a leader in the Food Broker Industry. We strive to provide excellence in product knowledge, escalate sales, pursue business growth, and develop unparalleled relationships with our Partners and Retailers. We wanted to create a company that invests in their personnel and offer a pleasurable environment for individual growth and success. Apex has continually been committed with integrity and strength in sales, innovation and service.

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